Pay & Display

Why P & D?

Using Pay and Display is one of the most cost effective, convenient and tried and tested ways of generating revenue from unused vacant land.
If you are a Landowner, Property Developer, Asset Manager, or an Agent with an unmanaged plot of land, then Key Parking Solutions can help you to realise the maximum revenue that you could be earning, whilst adding value to your asset portfolio.

Benefits of P & D

There are many benefits to implementing Pay and Display schemes to unused land, such as,

  • Solar powered for minimal disruption to land
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Deters Fly Tipping and miss use of land
  • Benefits the local community
  • Tried and tested by the public
  • Generates dependable income

To name but a few.

If you are unsure that your land would suitable to be used as a Pay and Display car park, why not have a free consultation You may be surprised.


With out any outlay from you, we can usually supply and install the latest generation of parking management equipment to any site along with project management, parking warden and patrol officer within 48 hours of agreeing a package. Our solar powered machines offer maximum reliability with minimal installation costs along with all of the customary features you would expect, such as, multi-lingual options and cash-less operation, enabling us to provide an efficient, and reliable service to our customers. When not in use our equipment stores energy from available light ensuring that power is always available come rain or shine, thus allowing us to provide our clients a dependable source of income.

For a free consultation on what your precious asset could be earning you, contact our team here.

Why Use Us?

When you have been in the parking industry as long as we have, you soon come to realise that parking management is not just about putting cars in bays and taking money.
With such a wide range of clientele, we at Key Parking Solutions Ltd are constantly coming up against unique challenges when dealing with each of our clients individual needs; we understand that what suits one may not suit another.
We work together with our technical department on a daily basis making sure that our customers are getting the most efficient and up to date package that we can offer. Our technical department specialise in software development and integrating new tech that comes available into the packages we offer to our clients.
With Key Parking Solutions Ltd, your land could not be in better hands.

For a free consultation on what your precious asset could be earning you, contact our team here.