About Us

What we're about:

We are a national parking management company with nearly 20 years experience in the industry.
We are specialists in converting unused vacant land into car-parks.
With our expertise and resources we are able to utilise land to it's maximum potential providing a regular and dependable source of income to the owner.

Our aim:

Our number one goal is to provide the most suitable and appropriate parking solutions for any sector of the community, be they, multi national companies, Super Market chains, Local Authorities, or even private, residential.
Our motto is that, where there's a problem there is always a solution.

We understand that each sector of the community have unique requirements, which is why we have our own technical department who specialise in software development and integrating new and existing technology into the packages that we provide, thus, enabling us to meet the most demanding of requirements.

Our reputation:

Over the span of almost two decades, we have earned a reputation of being, reliable, professional and trustworthy from both our clients and competitors alike.
We are proud of the position we hold within the industry and are prepared to go to any length to protect it.
With Key Parking Solutions Ltd, your land could not be in safer hands.